My name is Jenifer, or Lill if I’m on the back of motorcycle. I’ve been an artist my whole life and because I’ve had so many different interests artistically, I created CARNIVALL ART to house them ALL. I will give credit where credit is due – my sister came up with the name, and I fell in love it it! I owe many thanks to my name creatrix, Fran, as well!

It all started for me when I took a leather tooling class at Tandy Leather back in 2013. The medium marries two to of my favorite things – drawing and sculpting. The versatility of leather is endless, and I just adore working with it.

Designing the apparel and accessories lines came from me wanting a shirt and hat that said “Badass Broad” and a need to give my hands a break!

I am a poet, writer, wild child, heathen, gypsy, pixie, mermaid, cowgirl and a lover of the beach, dirty martinis, good scotch, fabulous beards, motorcycles, horses and people who are authentically true to themselves.

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